Our company dedicated to importing green coffee beans, has adopted the following principles in its Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Policy as follows:

  • Continuous Improvement as a basis for process optimization by INTERGRANO, its goal towards customer satisfaction, meeting their specifications and contract terms. Likewise, it aims to instill in employees a vocation of service to the effectiveness and efficiency required in order to provide a high-quality professional service suitable to fulfill its customer requirements.
  • Active protection towards the health and safety of its employees and its facilities as a basic principle for the development of activities of INTERGRANO , achieving safe processes and operations for both the people at the center as well as for customers and society in general.
  • Preservation of the environment and sustainability, adapted, led and managed by the executives for the center itself and for its social environment. The Administration is committed to evaluate and take into account in all projects and services the effects on the environment, introducing the necessary improvements in order to effectively protect people, facilities and the environment, thereby helping to minimize pollution and its possible consequences.
  • The Administration is committed to providing human resources and materials to ensure staff training according to the aspects of the Quality, Environment, Sustainability, Occupational Health and Safety, Ethics and Personal Responsibility Policy, to facilitate their involvement in the interpretation and enforcement procedures and instructions developed for such purpose.
  • The Organization is committed to comply with all legal, regulatory and other requirements subscribed by the Organization pertaining to the prevention of occupational hazards, Environment and Product Requirements.
  • Outsourcing personnel are using the same approach to Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.
  • Management establishes Visible Objectives and Goals on an annual basis, and tracks them through appropiate indicators.