INTERGRANO is a service company that focuses on the marketing of Green CoffeeWe sell coffee in Europe, United States, Japan and Australia. In Spain, our main market, Intergrano specializes in the HORECA Channel with 25 years of experience in the sector, thanks to the advice and service capability provided to our customers.

We are members of ANCAFÉ, the Spanish Club of Gourmet Coffee Roasters, the Cultural Coffee Forum and the Lonja de Valencia Consulate


Since its inception, Intergrano has been the driver of high quality coffees and have a wide range of specialty coffee. The company works as the exclusive importer of Gourmet Coffee for Spain for prestigious brands such as Jamaica Blue Mountain, Guatemala Volcán de Oro and Indonesia Arabica Kopi Luwak, among others…

Café Gourmet


We have an exclusive representation in the main green coffee producing and exporting countries: Brazil, Vietnam, India, Guatemala and Uganda.

This direct presence combined with strong work ethics with selected exporters in producing countries allows us to control and obtain the high coffee quality we provide to our customers.

We have a Coffee Cupping Laboratory that controls the final quality, as well as a Distributing Facility in the Port of Valencia. We offer an integrated service of product and effective logistics to accommodate our customers´ needs.

Laboratorio Catas